Talk about #teamWBUR...

Copy and paste one of our suggested posts below or write your own. Either way, when you post something on social media using #teamWBUR you’re promoting the understanding that public media requires public support. ⬇️

Public radio takes public support. ⚡⚡ #teamWBUR

When I support public radio, I also support: podcasts, community events, activism, my neighbors, AND independent journalism. 🧐 #teamWBUR

Get ready for April 3rd. 📻🏃‍♂️🏁 #teamWBUR

WBUR is my NPR. 🏆 #teamWBUR

Hate social media? That’s okay too. ⬇️

Tell 1 or 2 people that you care about public radio, today. If they also care, tell them that #teamWBUR is raising awareness for publicly supported media and that they can learn more at

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