WBUR Marathon, 2019

The event kicks off at 7:48am on 4/3/2019 and ends at 10:00am on 4/4/2019. We need to raise over $1 Million in 26.2 hours so that WBUR can keep bringing you publicly-funded news & programming all summer long.

We’ll try to make this fundraiser as painless as possible: there will be events & giveaways, station tours and live programming. Follow #teamWBUR over the next couple of weeks and you’ll be the first to know when new announcements go up.

What’s #teamWBUR?
It’s everyone who supported the WBUR Marathon last year and everyone who will support it this year. If you’re pro-public radio AND pro-less fundraising, make a donation and join #teamWBUR.

You can:

  1. Share a pre-written message on social media.
  2. Take a selfie wearing WBUR gear. Tag it #teamWBUR.
  3. Donate early to support shorter fundraisers.
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